Mountain Bike Lessons In Fort Collins

Learn From The Ground Up And Ride With A Great Group In Our Mountain Bike Lessons

Join us at CrossFit Miramont for professional Mountain Bike Lessons and hiking sessions. Led by Jarrod Seitz, this program is all about having fun on the trails and sharing your experience with a great group of new friends.

Our Mountain Bike Lessons include daily sessions AND weekend camping sessions. Join us for a great adventure and hands-on instruction to help you get the most out of every ride.

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What's Included In Our Mountain Bike Lessons?


Transportation will be provided from CrossFit Miramont to either the local trails around Fort Collins or up to Winter Park. If you would rather drive yourself or drive up your kids we can discuss meeting locations and times.

The Fort Collins classes will be departing at 8:30 am and getting back at 12:30 pm or departing at 2:00 pm and getting back at 6:00 pm

The Winter Park classes will be departing at 8:00 am and getting back at around 7:00 pm (traffic dependent)

Where to get gear

There are tons of bike shops locally throughout Fort Collins to get appropriate gear! You don’t need the best in the business to go have fun, but a pair of MTB shorts might be nice!

What to wear and bring

HELMETS are required. Additional pads (knee, elbow, and neck ) suggested Prepare for weather, and layer appropriately. The instructor will only have clothing and provisions for themselves.

Backpacks or camelbacks with snacks and water are highly recommended, two additional tubes are also required (unless running tubeless tires)

Instructors Kit

Instructors will carry tools and a pump in order to perform on trail fixes. Also will have first aid kit and cell phone on hand at all times for any situation.

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