June's Member of the Month is Selena!

June's Member of the Month is Selena!

I think each month I could write an article about a dozen members for Member of the Month!  How lucky are we that we have so many amazing people here at the gym J


The June Member of the Month is Selena!  Like Jasmine’s Member of the Month article, this one is a little bittersweet too.  Selena is pursuing a PhD in Communications at the University of Minnesota.  This will be super exciting for her as she continues to excel and move towards her goals outside the gym.


Selena has made steady progress in the gym, showing great patience with the process and her body.  She’s one of the most coachable people in the gym, pays close attention to whoever is coaching and tries her best in every class.  As for many people starting this type of exercise, she has had to spend a TON of time working on ankle and calf mobility, which has paid off tremendously!  She’s able to achieve more quality movement on every lift as a result, and has added significant weight and speed during workouts.


She may come across as quiet and timid, but that is far from the best way to characterize her!  If you’ve been in class with her you’ve gotta watch out for Selena because she is ferocious and focused in workouts!  She pushes herself and others in workouts in a fun and supportive way.  And although she may not be the loudest in the gym, she is very personable with everyone, and makes people feel excited about being at the gym and feel good about working out.


She’s also incredibly resilient.  When she started she suffered from sciatica which I’m happy to say doesn’t bother her any more.  Recently she twisted her ankle and continued to train, doing modifications when needed in order to keep her fitness on track.


When you see her, congratulate Selena on being June’s Member of the Month.  Wish her the best of luck on her endeavors in Minnesota and be on the lookout for her to return when she’s not in school J

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