August Members of the Month - Matt Hysen and Justin Schmalstich

August Members of the Month - Matt Hysen and Justin Schmalstich

Matt Hysen and Justin Schmalstich are the Members of the month for August! 


The last month or so has been a bit of a whirlwind.  There were a lot of questions to be answered and emotions ran high.


Each of these guys came to me with questions, they liked some answers while some weren’t exactly what they were hoping to hear.  Each of them though, gave me their best shot at trying to work with the new gym and system.


I appreciated how both came straight to me with concerns and both had a couple of great ideas!


Matt and Justin have been great about talking to other members about changes and I know that their conversations with others has made those people more comfortable and at ease.


Matt and Justin are the August members of the month for displaying leadership and emotional strength.  I know they aren’t the only ones that have been leaders in our fitness family, but just wanted to take a second to recognize them.


For those that don’t know Matt well, he is quite the craftsman.  He has made a variety of different toys for the gym.  A handful of strongman stones and the beautiful pegboards are probably his hallmark projects.  I’m very excited to find a place for the peg boards!


Justin I’ve found to be the number one fan of just about anyone he’s in class with.  He’s always cheering on those around him.  Justin is also always putting in extra work.  Be sure to ask him how many days in a row he’s done extra push ups!


Matt and Justin are similar in the sense that they are both two of the most coachable people in the gym.  Neither is too proud to assume their form is perfect, you can see the focus and attention they have on bettering the quality of their movement, not just in the warmup and skill and drills, but during the workout under fatigue as well.


When you bump into Matt and Justin, be sure to congratulate them both on being August’s members of the month!

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