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Welcome to CrossFit Miramont, where we're helping men and women across Fort Collins get fit and have fun in the process. We offer individually tailored workouts within a group dynamic so that you get the right individual stimulus to achieve your goals and benefit from an encouraging fun team atmosphere. With us, no prior experience is required. We're proud to work with people of all backgrounds and skill levels, helping everyone in our community enjoy sustainable success like never before.

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I seriously love this place. Nate the gym owner and all of the coaches are so knowledgeable and kind, you can tell they really enjoy what they do.

I just hit a year of working out at Yeti Cave and there are movements I am able to do now, weights that I am able to lift, that a year ago I would not have imagined I could. I've reached goal after goal because of the way Nate operates the gym, he invests time into each persons successes.

Every workout is tailored to each individual, which makes it accessible for anyone, whether you are coming in after a 5 year hiatus from working out or are lifting competitively. There may be a class of ten people doing the same essential workout and all ten could be approaching it in a way that best fits their fitness level and keeps them safety practicing complex movements- this is because the coaches offer modifications for all exercises.

Honestly, it's such a fun place. The people are great, the coaches are amazing... you should try it :)

CrossFit Fort Collins

Katie G.

I recently just moved to the area and was hesitant about joining a gym by myself because I'm a super shy person. Needless to say, everyone is so warm and welcoming! I love yeti cave and I can honestly say it's the highlight of my day. If you're hesitant to join because you're a shy person like me, 
don't be! You immediately make awesome new friends. It's an amazing environment and Nate is an awesome coach. So glad I decided to join!

CrossFit near Fort Collins

Keziah E.

I put off going to Yeti Cave for months before a friend talked me into trying a workout. Although I felt like I was going to die, I wanted more. Yeti Cave has changed my life! I feel great and have lost almost 30 lbs. My wife has jumped on board too. Coach Nate and all of the coaches are amazing and make it easy to come to the gym every day! You feel like part of the family as soon as you walk in the door. All of the workouts are tailored to you ability level and the coaches make sure you are moving properly as to not injure yourself. This isn't your typical CrossFit gym, it's amazing!

CrossFit Fort Collins

Greg R.

Crossfit has always intrigued me, but I never thought I'd be able to complete the movements and workouts that I assumed the sport demanded. However, my experience at Yeti Cave has completely transformed my outlook on fitness and my own capabilities. The owner, Nate, is endlessly encouraging and knowledgeable. I have seen tremendous gains -- mind and body -- since my first day at the gym almost 6 months ago. My initial goal was to "lose weight," but I am amazed by how much more I've gotten out of this experience than just that: shredding fat, losing dress sizes, building muscle in every part of my body, and broadening my own mental capacity are more than enough reasons to keep me coming back every day, week after week. All of our wonderful coaches and members are truly a blessing and I love sharing these experiences with them!

CrossFit near Fort Collins

Jennifer H.

If it weren't for Nate's personality, expertise, and seriously supportive attitude, I would not enjoy crossfit and would never have given it a second chance. My doctor suggested that I pursue PT or a workout regimen to eradicate chondromalasia in my right knee and lose weight. Nate has helped where nothing else did, and I've tried numerous things over the 17yrs I've been dealing with this problem. To see fat replaced with so much muscle under Nate's watchful, supportive eye - it's a huge boost to confidence, ability, and being fit which is my goal, most likely everyone's goal. If you're out there and not having fun doing crossfit, then you're not training with Nate and should be. There are numerous crossfit gyms far closer to my house than Yeti, my kids used to constantly ask me why I don't go somewhere closer. One word, no kidding: Nate.

CrossFit near Fort Collins

Anessa S.

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